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Don’t let the name fool you. Converse with any of the three siblings that comprise The Greys, and you’ll find that they are quite vibrant and colorful in their approach. With a musical palate that transcends the genres of jazz, pop, r&b and more. Sydney (20) and brothers Jayden (19) and Silas (18) know no boundaries.

Each armed with a different skill, all three siblings add something unique to the group. Sydney: a singer, writer, guitarist, pianist and dancer. Jayden: a singer, producer, pianist and drummer, who also raps. And Silas whose focus has remained on singing but is also a very advanced song-writer. Their influences personally and professionally are just as varied as the music itself. Collectively their icons range from Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder to their musically inclined parents who serve as Worship Pastors. Yet despite all of that creative energy floating around, it wasn’t until they recorded their first song “TooDaLoo” that their full potential dawned on them. It was then that they decided to officially form The Greys.

The Dallas, TX trio moved moved to Los Angeles June 2014 and have written, and produced over 200 tracks for themselves and for a variety of artists since then.

As they continue to pen the next chapter of their story, brace yourself. This one’s sure to hit.

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